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Extraordinary Foot File

Extraordinary Foot File

Extraordinary Foot File


Hygienic, Environmentally Friendly and Economical

1. The Extraordinary Foot file has 100% surgical quality stainless steel with a fine laser applied and coarse abrasive surfaces.

2. No recharges means lowers costs, while providing a tool that is more environmentally friendly and hygienic for the client and the service provider.

3. Provide more than 2,000 services.

4. Extraordinary in every way! This foot file was designed from concept to provide an incomparable, professional and high quality service.

5. A single tool, no changing of abrasive surfaces – ever.

Benefits of using the Extraordinary Foot File

  • Sterilizable: in any type of steriliser such as autoclave, immersion in disinfectant, etc.
  • High Durability: provide more than 2,000 services with a single tool, no changing of abrasive surfaces - ever.
  • Design: light to hold and super resistant to damage. The Extraordinary Foot File is incredible to hold and fits in the hand like no other.
  • Practical: the Extraordinary Foot File can be used on feet whether dry, damp, with water or cream.
  • Fine Coarse: has a different level of abrasion on each side. The Coarse side is made for the removal of callouses, the Fine is for polishing and final touches.
  • Return on investment: unique among files that need to be dispensed after a  single use. The process of sterilisation make it more environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Step by Step - How to use the BrazzCare Extraordinary Foot File

1. Sanitise feet to begin the process

*For treatments using the Brazzcare Emollient Socks place sock up to the ankle

2. Inspect the palms of the feet and perform standard to callous removal procedures

3. Use the Coarse side of the file on calloused areas until smooth

4. Use the Fine side of the file on the whole of the foot in order to leaving the surface smooth

*Remove the sock delicately ensuring as much contact between the plastic and skin, leaving as much of the cream on the foot as possible

5. Finalize the treatment with a specific cream made for hands and feet hydration, massage and remove the excess

6. Follow up with standard final steps of pedicure service